Flexible Coupling & Bandseals

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Flexible Couplings are made from three component parts: one moulded EPDM rubber body and two stainless steel clamp bands, which when tightened create a secure connection. These simple yet effective connectors can be tightened onto pipes using a nut driver and torque wrench, creating a permanent airtight and watertight seal in just seconds.

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Flexible Coupling & Bandseals

DC65 – 50-65mm Flexible Coupler, DC75 – 60-75mm Flexible Coupler, DC95 – 80-95mm Flexible Coupler, AC1225 – 48/56 – 110/122mm Flexible Coupler, AC1226 – 60/68 – 110/122mm Flexible Coupler, AC1221 – 80/95 – 110-122mm Flexible Coupler, AC4000 – 121/136 – 110/121mm Flexible Coupler Clay to Plastic, AC1924 – 170/192 – 144/160mm Flexible Coupler, AC1922 – 170/192 – 110/122mm Flexible Coupler, AC6000 – 180/200 – 160/180mm Flexible Coupler Clay to Plastic, DC115 – 100-115mm Flexible Coupler, DC165 – 150-165mm Flexible Coupler, SC137 – 120-137mm Flexible Coupler, NSC200 – 175-200mm Flexible Coupler, NSC290 – 265-290mm Flexible Coupler